5 Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

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If you think your business is too small to benefit from VoIP, you are wrong! VoIP phone systems offer a myriad of features that most small businesses simply overlook. Think about it. If you are planning to change offices, expand your business, or if you start having specific needs, like call recording; you better look into VoIP as an option.

Saving big bucks is only one of the benefits VoIP phone systems provide. When I opened my home office, I was looking for an easy way to communicate with my customers. I needed a reliable phone system that wasn’t complicated. Eventually, the choice came down to either a traditional hard-line phone or a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system.

Why I chose a VoIP Phone System?

A VoIP phone system offers features associated with big businesses, but suited for a small business budget. To put it simply, you make phone calls via the internet and that makes it cheaper than using a conventional phone. However, I said money wasn’t the only advantage. So, what other benefits do VoIP Phone systems have?

  1. It’s easy to install and implement: You basically need to plug into the nearest internet connection, and you are good to go. A VoIP phone system installation is actually really time-efficient, and less problematic. If you want a second phone line, installing a VoIP phone is easier than to pay a BT line rental.

  2. Better customer support: Unlike most traditional telecom providers, VoIP vendors offer over-the-phone and online customer support. Their web-based customer service model eliminates the need for a technician’s visit. If you want to find out more about this benefit, read this article by Chris Moody.

  3. Innovative features: It’s not just about phone calls anymore. VoIP phone systems offer state-of-the-art features like voicemail to email transcription (it literally transcribes your voicemail messages to text and sends them to an email address), music on hold, call screening, auto attendant and other functions that will help you stay ahead of the game.

  4. Portability: As it was pointed out in a Houston Chronicle article, if you have Internet access, you can log in to your VoIP telephone regardless of where you are. In fact, you could plug your VoIP phone system at home and work just as if you were in the office.

  5. It’s more user-friendly: According to Moody, VoIP can integrate effortlessly with most of your employees’ mobile systems, and its easy-to-use centralized interface  will enable them to handle multiple business phone calls in a simpler way, potentially improving processes and increasing efficiency.

The way small companies are doing business is changing fast. In addition to saving money, VoIP provides a wide range of advantages that can specifically improve a small business. I know there are many myths surrounding VoIP, but you should start looking at some phone systems from trusted vendors like the one recommended here.

If you feel like going completely online is not your cup of tea, try researching a little bit about cloud hosted PBX. That alternative offers analog terminal adapters, and combines mobility and scalability, because all the necessary hardware will be hosted in a secure, offsite colocation data center.


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