Make SMS Marketing Work for You and Get New Customers

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The World Bank said in a new report that 75% of the global population has access to mobile devices. With this sudden mobile revolution, marketers now need to go mobile in order to reach more customers online. And SMS (Short Message Service) has undoubtedly become one of the fastest growing options for mobile advertising.

SMS marketing helps you connect with your potential and existing customers. I’ve found it to be a low-cost, high ROI option to place promotions and updates directly in the pockets of my clients. And, believe me; it has a higher response rate than emails. Seriously, when was the last time you didn’t open a text message sent to you?

How to do SMS Marketing?

When done right, SMS marketing can be one of the most direct and efficient forms of marketing available today. But, how to do it right? Now that the whole world is going mobile and new laws, like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act guidelines, are going into effect before 2013 ends, it’s vital for you to understand the basics of SMS marketing.

Follow these tips and start to market your business more efficiently on mobile devices:

  1. Be careful collecting mobile numbers: I bet your phone number is private, almost sacred. Guest what? Users feel exactly the same way! And once the Telephone Consumer Protection Act goes into full effect next month, you will even require written, auditable consent for every consumer in your mobile database. For more information read this article by

  2. Look for the best bulk SMS service: Do your due diligence and find the best companies offering bulk text services. There are hundreds of SMS Marketing Service providers that aren’t worth considering. Most people want a company that uses a reliable SMS platform, like the IRON SIM Server One. So, ask about their bulk SMS solution technology.

  3. Give customers the option to unsubscribe: Offer an unsubscribe option with every marketing message you send. Yes. You might lose some leads along the way, but I believe that’s much better than having a horde of unhappy people in your marketing list.

  4. Make your ad copy stand out: Bulk SMS solutions provider iQsim states that, “95% of all SMS messages read within 5 minutes of being sent.” That being said, you only have a couple of seconds of their attention. So, be precise. Write short, simple sentences that feature just one offer. And don’t forget to make it actionable!

  5. Time your marketing messages: Keep in mind that most mobile users open their SMS messages immediately. This means you should time your SMS and send it when your customers are more likely to respond to it. It also means you shouldn’t send SMS text messages too often. Try sending one SMS every two weeks.

According to a research done by MobiThinking 9 out of 10 people carry a mobile device in the United States; also keep in mind that more than 98% of all text messages received are opened. Without doubt, SMS Marketing is a great opportunity to advertise your business. Sadly, I must admit, it’s not an easy task.

I’d suggest using a third party bulk SMS service provider to ensure that you get the best possible campaign. What do you think? Will you undertake this strategy on your own? Or maybe you already have. How did it go? Please, share with us in the comments section below.

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