The Importance Of Colocation

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Terry Practchet expressed one day “It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done”. I can’t find any other quote that fits the benefits that come from using colocation services. I mean, there’s no business today that finds useless to have a CRM system or anything of the sort. But they also face the same question: How much it’ll affect my network?

Well, the solution comes in the form of a service called “colocation” which consists of a provider giving you physical space to place your server (usually rack space) and bandwidth for it to connect to the Internet and serve your needs.

That why today, we want to share with you, this 10 reasons why you should choose colocation for your service and/or application servers:

1. No need to worry about physical space Since the server won’t be in your site there’s no worries about infrastructure to place it on.
2. No risk of clogging your network with extra traffic Because the traffic will be routed to the Internet, there will be no risk of having your network clogged with traffic coming from or going to the server.

3. Multiple Location Access This is one of the main advantages of colocation, since your server will be available over the Internet or through a direct link, you can have other locations accessing it as well, making your operation more efficient.

4. Dedicated connection Your server will have a dedicated connection which will guarantee that both your main office and any branch office that requires access to it, will not just get it but also in an efficient and fast manner.

5.       Scalability As your needs grow, so can the resources provided to you by your colocation service, if you need more bandwidth because another branch office will access the server, you’ll have it in no time, instead of having to wait until it is setup for you.

6.       Support Service 24/7 There will always be someone taking care of your server no matter the time or day of the week.

7.       Redundancy By being on a professional data center, your server will always be accessible because it’ll have redundant connections to guarantee you 24/7 access no matter what.

8.       Security One of the undeniable facts about colocation services is that your equipment will be in a secure location, safe from tampering, theft or any other risk.

9.       Power Also there’s power for your server, meaning no matter what happens, your server will stay online, and most datacenters offer power redundancy so they can operate on their own for extended periods of time.

10.   Monitoring One of the great facts about colocation is that you get monitoring services so you know exactly how your server or communication equipment is at any point in time. Some services will offer you only your server status while others can offer you a physical view of the server.

So, with all this facts, what do you think about Colocation? Tell us in the comments section below.  And don’t forget to keep checking because we’ll keep you posted on the best technology to date.

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