How to Choose the Right Mobile Router

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Reduce your office phone bill by 50%. Sounds great, doesn’t it? A mobile router can help with that. However, selecting a mobile router can be a tricky decision. Even though they might look similar, there are several different models to choose from and all of them come with their own different features.

 Especially designed for mobility, this type of router provides improved mobile connectivity. Since most mobile routers include basic network firewall and wireless security features, I will instead share with you the same aspects I took into consideration before buying my current mobile router.

Tips Before Buying a Mobile Router

In here you will find some of the easiest ways to narrow the list of the possible mobile routers you should buy. Keep in mind that even the most adequate mobile router will be affected by your IP-PBX System, so you might want to learn the secret to choosing the right phone system before following the next tips:

  • He said, she said. Never underestimate a good consumer review. There are specialized sites that provide comprehensive reviews. However, don’t limit yourself to just one site or just one review. Take a look around, compare, and check consumer ratings.

  • Power and speed. In case you weren’t sure: Fast is better! The more megabits per second, the better your router will perform. You should also ask if the models you are interested in are battery powered or not. Some mobile routers can still work for hours without being connected to an electrical outlet, and this means reliability.

  • Tethering capability. A mobile router with this feature guarantees online connectivity whenever the Ethernet or wireless services aren’t available. There are also some routers that include a built-in cellular modem that makes tethering capability unnecessary. So, built-in cellular modems are a plus!

  • A little vanity. While most mobile routers are only a few inches big, you might want to consider where you are planning to install it. If the router will be in plain sight, you need to take into consideration its design, shape and color.

  • The fine print. Check the warranty before purchasing any mobile router. Take a look at the terms and make sure to know how long the warranty is good for. Usually the longer the warranty, the better the product.

These were only some of the basic factors you need to compare before deciding on a mobile router for your office. The best way to choose the right mobile router is to assess your individual circumstances. Many vendors like offer free consultation for businesses, and will take the time to help you free of charge (no strings attached).

What other tips can you provide for a business leader looking to buy a mobile router?  Please feel free to post your remarks, questions and suggestions in the comments section below.

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