7 Questions You Must Ask When Selecting a Colocation Data Center

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Selecting a colocation data center is a crucial decision that comes from a strategic process of researching. Now that housing computing systems in off-site colocation data centers has become an irreversible trend, it’s more important than ever to know what questions to ask when assessing potential providers. Choosing the right colocation provider requires a comprehensive analytical approach.

Once you have decided to employ a colocation provider, there are some critical questions the will help you narrow down a choice. After deciding on a reliable colocation data center myself, I discovered many factors you should take into consideration and many mistakes you need to avoid when picking a colocation provider for your business.

How Do You Know is the Right Colocation Data Center for You?

If you are tackling the daunting task of selecting a colocation data center, here you’ll find the most important questions you should ask yourself as well as your potential providers. And now that you understand why businesses are choosing offsite colocation data centers instead of just doing it in-house, let’s begin asking all the right questions:

  1. Do I actually need colocation? Ask your peers, develop comparisons, and establish some pros and cons of keeping it in-house. It might be an emerging trend, but it doesn’t necessarily means it’s right for your businesses at this moment.

  2. What are its references? Is it reliable? A good reputation is always important. Make sure you know as much about them as possible. Ask for references and call them. Call them all.

  3. How far is it? Where is it located? It’s best if you select a facility near your home or office. You should also take into consideration its exposure to natural disasters. Is it located in a zone prone to earthquakes or hurricanes? Avoid adding unnecessary risks to your business’ data.

  4. Does it have an exclusive commitment to an Internet access provider? I always recommend colocation data centers that have redundant connections from multiple high-speed Internet providers. This successfully prevents downtimes. You can visit this site for more information about it.

  5. Does it scale efficiently and on-demand? A colocation data center with scalable connections, one that is designed to integrate new technologies and has the ability to adapt overtime in order to keep satisfying your computing and network needs it’s a winner.

  6. What do they offer? Find about everything from energy efficiency to security to technical support. Every colocation data center provides the same basic services, but they all offer different features that you need to know about. Ask if they are staffed 24/7, if you can access the facility around-the-clock, ask about their backup systems, and ask about their cooling systems.

  7. How much does it really cost? Make sure it’s an all-inclusive price and also make sure to ask if there are any trade-offs. Does it include setup fees? Make sure that you know what actual services you are getting for the price you’ve been quoted.

The demand for colocation services has increased considerably in the last few years. So, it’s vital to know what to look for when renting space for servers in a colocation facility. These were the most important questions I asked myself and my potential providers when I was looking for a data center.

What other questions would you ask when choosing a colocation data center?

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