Are The Most Popular Locker Locks The Easiest to Pick?

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Specialized news website stated that, “Lockers have served as a symbol of the American high school for decades.” And they are right. In the near future this might change due to web-based education. But, in the meantime, students still need a safe place to put their belongings. They still need safe lockers and secure school locks.

When selecting a school locker lock it’s crucial to consider more than just the available options in the market. We found out, after asking industry experts in an online poll, that the key lies in assessing what is best for your school based on your exact number of students and the specific size and style of your school locker model.

Top 3 Locker Locks in America

Since students aren’t allowed to use their own locker locks without authorization, it’s your job to choose the best school lock available for them (without draining your budget). Which locker lock is right for your school? Only you can answer that. But, what we can do is help you pick among the 3 most popular locker locks in America:

  1. Built-in Combination Locks. Built-in combination locks are considered by many to be the most popular locker locks in the industry. They are easy to use and often allow up to a 5-digit combination code. Their main issue is that in order to change the password for a new student the lock must be either cut or drilled.

  1. Built-in Keyed Locks. They are the best option for single point latch lockers. There are usually two keys provided with each of these locks. They are designed to fit box lockers, standard lift handles, as well as any single point horizontal latch. They can have either manual or automatic deadbolt locking.

  1. Key Padlocks. These are the cheapest locks available. They often come with at least two user keys, and no combination is needed to open them. There are basically four options concerning these padlocks: rekeyable and non-rekeyable (you cannot change the key) and key retaining (key cannot be removed when the padlock is open) or non-key retaining.

The Best Kept Secret About School Locker Locks is…

It’s important to keep in mind that most locks are ADA compliant and include a master key control feature for administrative access. Another valuable tip to remember is: Always go online before deciding on a specific model. Not only there are many sites providing great discounts on school locks, but also several auction sites that sale used school locks and lockers at lower prices.

Bottom Line: What’s the Best Locker Lock for Most Schools?

There’s no easy pick, even among the most popular locks. But, we recommend the Masterlock 1654 as the locker lock that will most likely fit any school locker need. We think this model is very reliable as well as very difficult to cut or shim. If you have any questions or recommendations, please be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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