Why Colocation is Good for Your Business?

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“The data center infrastructure has truly become the heart of any organization,” said data center design expert Bill Kleyman. When you are facing the challenge of deciding to outsource your IT requirements, it’s time to do some research and develop some comparisons. Choosing the wrong colocation (colo) can become a nightmare.

Unless you bear in mind some crucial points, you won’t be able to decide whether you need to employ colocation services or not. The key is to ask yourself “Why do I need Colocation?” And since I had to answer that question myself once; I thought I’d share some of my reasons.

Learn Why I Choose Chose Colocation

There are many reasons why businesses choose an offsite colocation data center, but the most common one remains the capital expenditure of building their own site. Colocation has enabled me to benefit from the same features of a large IT department at a much more affordable price.

Whether you are looking to achieve a closer network proximity to your customers or trying to protect your company information with secure data lines, these are some the main reason why I chose to employ colocation services:

  • Budget. It was more cost-efficient to outsource these services than setting up my own data center.

  • Bandwidth. I get higher bandwidth speed for a lower price. I’d have paid more for a limited bandwidth connection in my company, than for an actual server placed in a colocation facility.

  • Power Backup. In-house backup generators are not always powerful enough, but colocation data centers run with especial battery backups and automatic transfer switches to ensure there are no power outages.

  • Security. I wanted my servers stored in a secured infrastructure with fire detection and suppression systems, monitored by cameras and protected  by a trained personnel at all times in order to mitigate risk to my business.

  • Support. I found this particularly convenient; since I let my IT team concentrate on my core business. Now while they are focused on making my business more successful, I also have access to a trained staff of technicians ready to assist me in the event of any problem 24/7.

  • Flexibility. It’s important to have a data center with the ability to upgrade on-demand. I chose one that could provide my desired configuration, as well as custom power and cooling options.

It might seem that deciding to employ colocation services will prove complicated. But, I have discovered that colocation actually offers a flexible approach to a company’s data center strategy. It’s not a black and white decision. Just take into consideration what you want to put in the colocation data center and why, and the rest should be easier.

What other benefits do you think colocation data centers offer for businesses? Let me know if the comments below.

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