comments on Honda’s Decision to Recall Almost 46K Cars in U.S. and Canada as Reported on Fox Business

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Following a news article by Matthew Rocco published on April 29 in Fox Business regarding Honda Motor’s decision to recall approximately 46,000 Fit Sport compacts in the United States and Canada, in order to fix their electronic stability control system; popular news and technology blog commented on the situation as an example of efficient due diligence in action.


According to the Fox Business news piece, “The Japanese automaker said the problem could cause the vehicles to tilt excessively on sharp turns and lose tire traction, increasing the risk of an accident. The issue was discovered by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”


In response to the Fox Business news story, business intelligence lead researcher Jake Owen hailed the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s due diligence investigations and timely reaction to this situation.


Owen, as well as all researches at, further applauded Honda’s decision to recall the Fit Sport vehicles to fix their electronic stability control system software, and considered this action the right move to maintain the company’s credibility intact.


The Fox Business news piece additionally disclosed that Honda Motor will recall about 43, 782 Fit Sport vehicles (of the 2012 and 2013 model year cars) in the United States, while another 2,000 will be recalled in Canada.


The Japanese automaker also revealed that it had started to mail notices to owners of the affected vehicles asking them to bring their Fits to the proper dealers so the new ESC software could be installed without charges. According to the Fox Business news piece, there have been no accidents resulting from this software issue.


Following the Fox Business article, Owen believed that the high level of investigation conducted to avoid road accidents cannot be overemphasized: “It is essential for automakers, dealers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to report any glitches observed in vehicle testing, and make sure such reports are made public without delays.” is dedicated not only to providing useful recommendations to its readers; as a leading news and technology blog, is focused on analyzing researches in order to provide valuable insights that can highlight the importance of investigations like the one conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as well as other due diligence practices and FCPA compliance programs.


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