Comments on Business Standard Article About Banks Plan to Step up Due Diligence Efforts

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On April 4, popular news and technology commented on a Business Standard article regarding Indian banks plan to assess clients from the diamond processing industry  with stricter due diligence, highlighting these efforts as an important example of how due diligence investigations are becoming an emerging trend in countries around the world.

A recent Business Standard piece revealed that Indian banks will emphasize their due diligence efforts with regard to asset quality of borrowers in the Indian diamond & jewellery sector, in order to accomplish the necessary background checks that will allow them to avoid future non-performing assets (NPAs) on their books.

The Business Standard article goes on to state that banks will step up due diligence investigations “for the asset quality of borrowers in the diamond processing industry before sanctioning afresh to avoid further swelling of non-performing assets (NPAs), an issue banks have been facing far and wide since the debacle of Lehman Brothers in September 2008.”

Responding to the Business Standard article, researchers observed that this kind of enhanced due diligence is becoming one of the most important emerging trends in banking. “Banks would step up due-diligence for the asset quality of borrowers in the diamond processing industry before sanctioning fresh loans, to avoid further swelling of NPAs” according to the article.

This could be perceived as one of the many changes the last years have brought to the banking industry since the Recession. In this day and time, any kind of investment requires a thorough due diligence process that can harness as much data as possible so that the parties involved can make informed decisions when structuring a deal.

Following the article, lead researcher at Josh Cole said: “Banks already have efficient systems in place for due diligence, but for them to intensify their research it’s possible they might have to employ a professional team specialized in asset search, as well as other due diligence services, to gather more information before lending to the diamond processing industry.”

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