Business Technology Researcher Comments on CNN Article about Emerging Markets for Cheap 3D Printers in the US

New York, NY

A recent CNN news article highlighted the growing influence of cheap 3D printers in new emerging US markets. On April 5, business technology researcher comments on the implications of this development for existing US productive industries.

The CNN news article reports that “dirt-cheap 3-D printers like the Printrbot or new MakiBox simplify the technology and put it in more people’s hands and home offices.”

Many of the new cheaper 3D printers go for about $200 to $300, compared to earlier professional models costing over $2,000. This can see more and more people getting their hands on a 3D printer as the hype surrounding them continues to grow.

Combine this new availability with the ability to print virtually anything that can be designed by a CAD system and you have a fertile mix of both opportunity and (potential) disaster – emphasizing the need for some kind of regulation at some point.

Researchers at hail the advent of cheaper 3D printers to US consumer markets as a welcome development, especially for micro-scale manufacturing and the home business sector.

A cautionary note has however been sounded with respect to the implications of free, uncontrolled production of commercial goods outside of a normal market system; while the “3D printer revolution” can be a game-changer for unemployment and creative industries, it could also introduce instability and crisis in the established market system if not closely watched and even regulated at some point.

This is where business intelligence and due diligence investigations come in, in order to assess before-hand, the possible implications of this technology on the stability of existing productive industries.

“3D printers can fundamentally change small businesses and manufacturing in the United States, but as cheaper and cheaper 3D printers hit the market, consensus needs to start developing on how to regulate a potentially super-lucrative free-for-all micro-economy that will be created as a result. Due diligence should be carried out to see that this development is allowed to follow its natural course without negatively impacting existing economic and socio-cultural norms,” said Monty Dimkpa, lead editor with promotes business intelligence practices in business and advocates the use of corporate investigations and other measures to analytically determine best business moves for optimum returns on investment.

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