Business Research Firm Comments on Procter & Gamble’s $170 million South Africa Investment as Reported on CNN

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On April 5, finance and business technology research firm comments on a recent CNN news story about the new Procter & Gamble (P&G) investment move in South Africa.

A recent CNN news story reveals that Procter & Gamble, the global home and personal care products brand has its eyes on South Africa with a new $170 million investment plan.

According to the CNN report, Dimitri Panayotopoulos, P&G’s VP of its global business units was quoted as saying, “We are in Africa because of the size…it’s about a billion people, that’s the size of China and India for example, just under, and the population is growing, the economies are getting more and more stable, so huge opportunities here.”

Panayotopoulos’ statement makes P&G’s intent clear with respect to its business plans for South Africa and the African continent as a whole. P&G’s new South Africa investment will see the creation of 500 new jobs and a new plant for local and export production of P&G’s flagship products that will likely be operational in 2016, according to the CNN news article.

Researchers at hailed the move as an example of business intelligence in action; by discerning the opportunity available in Africa early on, P&G was able to come into the market and maintain a strong presence while also helping to stimulate local competition.

P&G likely achieved this by conducting due diligence investigations into Africa’s opportunity at a time when the competition was focused on gaining more strongholds in traditional markets like Europe.

“P&G’s strategy is clearly to tap into Africa’s emerging consumer goods market. Africa has about a billion people – and with a significant middle class growing at a steady rate, there is definite commercial potential. With successes in West and North Africa, the motive behind P&G’s new $170 million investment is obviously to develop its nascent South and East Africa markets,” said Monty Dimkpa, lead editor with promotes business intelligence practices in business and advocates the use of corporate investigations and other measures to analytically determine best business moves for optimum returns on investment.

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