Releases New Comments: U.S. Probes News Corp. on FCPA Allegations

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On March 26, popular news and technology blog commented on an article by Meg James in the Los Angeles Times regarding the latest developments in the broad probe into alleged corruption at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., a potential violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Coinciding with over two years of broad investigations the government has been conducting into Rupert Murdoch –after the controversial phone hacking outrage of 2011–, a Los Angeles Times article affirmed that the Department of Justice investigators received information about Journal employees violating the ban on bribery in the FCPA, a U.S. law that forbids bribing foreign officials. The article goes on to state, “Journal reporters provided gifts to officials in China in exchange for information for news articles.” researchers commented on this on-going investigation saying that, “ensuring global compliance of the FCPA for all American companies is paramount for the U.S. Government in addressing the issues of corruption more severely. At this day and time, many experts expect the government to be even more ruthless in detecting and prosecuting those guilty of violating the international bribery law.”

Highlighting this matter as one for close consideration, believes it would be unwise for any company –currently seeking growth abroad– not to carry out a thorough due diligence process before embarking into emerging international markets.

According to key researchers at, “For the Department of Justice to open a new inquiry nearing the end of an even broader probe into supposed corruption at News Corp. is a perfect example of why it’s crucial to work with professionals, who specialize in conducting investigations, that can help companies develop compliance programs to prevent and remedy unlawful activities, especially fraud, bribery and corruption.” promotes business intelligence practices, and is committed to providing useful suggestions on how to avoid fraud and corruption violations, while also prompting companies to continually improve their business decision making in order to achieve optimum returns on investment. The actions by the Department of Justice can be seen as a notable precedent for all American companies abroad, and it could be perceived as an important example of how the U.S Government is approaching FCPA cases.

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